Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception


  •  A wedding is a great time for the bride and groom, as well as their families. Two people are joined together and all of their friends and family gather to see the ceremony and to celebrate at the reception later.
  • We have a range of different vehicles that people have found ideal for their wedding party. They are all in pristine condition and are luxuriously fitted out.
  • We have many packages available and can arrange for all of your transportation needs including those of your important guests. Guests that are flying in can be met at the airport if you desire and we can provide transportation to them during the wedding period. On the day, we can pick up the wedding party and important guests and even supply multiple vehicles for the bride’s family, groom’s family, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the happy couple. We can arrange everything so that you do not need to worry about transportation during the hectic wedding period.
  • You can select the one vehicle for the special day to be used for transport on the honeymoon trip or different vehicles that give a better photo opportunity at the ceremony. A more practical vehicle might be better suited to take the couple to their hotel or to the airport to begin their honeymoon. We understand and are happy to arrange whatever you deem is the most suitable and if you need to change plans just contact us and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Airport Ground Transfers


  • Airports today are a nightmare with long lines and delays caused by the security searching everybody. It is common for airlines to request you to get to the airport three hours before your flight departs. This causes even more people to be crammed into a tiny area waiting to be screened or waiting to depart. Even first class and business passengers have to put up with being made to feel like a sardine in these areas.
  • Getting to the airport can also be a hassle with the choice between trying to hail a cab and taking your own car. A cab is ok for a quick journey cross-town but all the way to the airport stuck in the cramped rear is not comfortable at all. It is not uncommon to be without heat in the winter or cooling in the summer, which can be just the added nightmare to make the airport seem a relief.
  • If you take your own vehicle then you do the driving adding stress as you contemplate the enjoyment ahead at the airport. Then you need to find a parking spot, which is usually a long walk from where you need to be at departures. The other ‘great’ thing about parking at the airport is that the fees that seem to go up each year. You can pay more in parking than some discount flight tickets.
  • There is a great alternative that will make your life much easier. We can pick you up from your home or office and drop you at the airport in style with no stress and in complete comfort. We track all of our clients’ flights so that they can adjust the scheduled pick to take into account early or late arrivals. Your trip to your office, home, or hotel is completed in luxurious comfort.

Cruise Ship Transfers


  • Immerse yourself in luxury right from the start of your cruise vacation with an elegant and stylish limousine from Rado's Prestige Limos.
  • Rado's Prestige Limos offers a reliable service to Circular Quay and White Bay Cruise Ship Terminals that will provide you with the best possible start to your holiday. Let our luxury limousines pick you up from your home and deliver you to the cruise terminal for a truly stylish and relaxing ride. When your holiday is over, let us be the ones to greet you at the cruise terminal in a luxury car and pick you up for the ride home. This way, you are spared the stress of driving yourselves and parking, not to mention the additional costs that would incur, and your holiday is stretched till the very last minute, when you arrive safely back at your front door.

City Transfers


  • Impress your business associates or treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury! Whether you require transport to and from the Airport, hotel or meeting venue, Rado's Prestige Limos can get you there in style and comfort! Our professional, unmatched service begins the moment you place a booking with us. Your assigned chauffeur will meet you or your clients at a prearranged location and will be ready to assist you for whatever transport is required. Friendly and professional, that’s us